Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ralph Lauren Promotes Design-Your-Own Collection With A Bang


Ralph Lauren has offered custom polo shirts for a while now, but they launched the “Design Your Own Collection” in one of the largest department stores in Europe (the prestigious KaDeWe in Berlin) with a huge show. The show in itself isn’t directly related to customized products, in fact it is a refitted 4D video mapping show Ralph Lauren has used in New York and London before¬†(video mapping is a projection technique that lets you turn uneven surfaces into a video display).

What I think is tremendously interesting about this is that Ralph Lauren decided it was worth a lot of money to launch their customized product with a bang in Germany. It tells you that the US company sees a lot of potential in the German market in respect to customized polo shirts, a fact that doesn’t surprise me as Germany is still a leader in the customization arena.¬†


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